One of the pieces of equipment that is consistently overlooked is the rucksack. Seriously, don’t underestimate how important a durable, comfortable, stylish rucksack will be during AZA.

Can anybody comment on the ruck sacks mentioned in the review?


Another great site that seems to have fallen into neglect is We Zombie!. Previously, this was your one-stop site for information about, among other things, Zombie Walks/Crawls in your area. Too often these walks/crawls are dismissed as grown-ups acting silly. But real-world simulations like this provide Preppers with an opportunity to practice evasion techniques, test out weapon durability, and see how other equipment (especially shoes) function.

Of particular interest at We Zombie! are the detailed efforts to predict the coming apocalypse. Despite the uptick in Zombie sightings and attacks, we still live in tranquil BZA. According to We Zombie!, the apocalypse will occur 23 July 2014 at 14:10 (review the calculations here).

Be prepared or Be Lunch!

Zombiepedia looks to be a promising resource. It’s nearly 750 articles are well researched and thorough. Particularly useful is it discussion of tactics. The use of sex appeal to sell Zombie taxonomy, unfortunately, cheapens an otherwise important topic.


Exploiting female Zombies notwithstanding, Zombiepedia seems well worth a visit. And while there, contribute to one of the articles. The more people who contribute the better the resource.

The Undead Report is one of the more impressive sites. One of the older sites, it has become an authority on Zombic matters, including defense, weaponry, reanimation, etc. It does lack a good section on food.

Unfortunately, the owner does not seem to updating the site as frequently as before. Here’s hoping he keeps it up for reference.